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Youth Indoor Soccer League


League Rules


  • Games will consist of 35minutes (30min for 8U). The matches are played as a 7 v 7 (6 field players + 1 GK) with a maximum roster of 16 players per team. 8U is played as 8 v 8 (7 field players +1 GK) 

  • FULL and FINAL team rosters are due on the third week of the session. No players will be accepted after the third week so please make sure to sign up the guys that you want playing.

  • We will need pictures for all the players on your roster for the IDs. We can take pictures for you but won’t take them past Week 3 of the session. It is the coaches’ responsibility to ensure all players have a picture.

  • To participate every single player on your team has to sign a waiver prior to playing. This is the most important document, and will be a determining factor in complaints about age of the player as this document provides age and is signed and consented by parent/coach.

  • To prove player age, coaches are responsible for providing a copy of a Passport or State ID. If these two can’t be provided, we will need a copy of a birth certificate. If there is a complaint about a player, we will default to the waiver first and verify the age with the proof of age after. Please have these in order.

  • Each team is responsible for having 2 jerseys! Only one of the jerseys has to have a number, the other can be a t-shirt. The main thing is to have a Dark Color and a Light Color, and in case that the teams have a similar colored uniform the AWAY team always changes. Goalkeepers need to have a different colored jersey that doesn’t match their teams or their opposing teams color.

  • Home and Away teams will be reflected on the schedule so please make sure that you go to your corresponding bench before the games start.

  • Absolutely NO CLEATS ALLOWED. Make sure to wear indoor soccer shoes, turf soccer shoes, or running shoes.

  • Sliding is ALLOWED however SLIDE TACKLING is not allowed. Sliding for the ball at an appropriate distance to stop a pass or a goal is fine, but you cannot slide at another player to gain possession of the ball.

  • If an offensive player with possession of the ball is corralled against the wall by two opposing defenders the referee will award a free kick to the offensive player.

  • Shinguards are MANDATORY. If a player does not have Shinguards they cannot play. If the referee sees a player without Shinguards they will give a 2-minute blue card to the offending player.

  • 8U through 12U is not allowed to head the ball. 14U is the only division where heading the ball is allowed. If there is contact with the ball with the head the play will be whistled dead and a free kick will be awarded.

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